A Heavy Heart…

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to announce the closing of A Muse|Studio. Consultants received word today that after 16 years in the industry, Linda Carnell, Founder & CEO, has decided to retire and will be closing A Muse|Studio by the end of November.

As customers, what this means for you:

You can continue to place orders in my SHOP through 11/26/16. I’m sure everything is “while supplies last” and of course, all sales are final. I am including a copy of the OCTOBER Collection Flyer as well as the NOVEMBER Collection Flyer since these are brand new products. October you can order from through Monday and probably beyond though supplies of items might be limited. The November items will be available starting Tuesday, November 1st. Our current product catalogs (which you can find in the margin of my blog) can also be ordered from–now is the time to stock up on favorites before they are gone forever.

I have loved being an A Muse Studio Consultant and sharing their beautiful products with all of you. For those of you who might not know, I was also a member of their Corporate Design Team and many of my samples were posted as sneak peeks on Linda’s blog and the A|S Instagram feed every month. That made me feel so proud. I have really enjoyed using their products in my small, handmade business of Checkerberry Lane Studio, too. Their card stock has been my favorite and I have loved their stamps and their gorgeous color palette.  I know I will figure out a new resource for my card-making supplies, and the friendships I’ve made through this business will sustain, but in this moment, I do feel sad.

That said, I am grateful for this time to pause and reflect on what happens next for me. I’m not ready to make any big decisions about it, I just want to ponder and consider all of my options. My life is blessed with full-time work and a beautiful family and a little card business that I love. Right now, I’m just starting my craft fair season and then Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here and then New Years and by then I will probably have made some decisions.

In the mean time, I will still post in here. I know I haven’t been here much the last few months, but with no design team commitments and no workshop prep to be doing, I’m hoping I can pop in and share a card—just a card I made for fun, or maybe one I’m selling at one of my fairs. I don’t want to lose touch and I like it here, I like sharing cards with you. With all the changes I’ve had to contemplate today, that’s one thing that hasn’t changed at all.

I welcome your reactions and comments…





  1. Kris, I am so sorry to hear that. I’m sure the decision could not have been easy to make. I hope you do find a new supplier because I don’t know what I would do without your inspiration, especially at Christmas. Your positive outlook and the reminder to count our blessings is a trait that I treasure in you. Hugs, Lisa

    • Kristine Vicente says:

      Thank you, Lisa!! I will continue to make cards, especially around the holidays 🙂 Your comments always feel like a warm hug. Thank you for your message. xoxo

  2. I love the November Collection, which makes this news so much harder to understand. I’m so sorry Kris.

  3. Sorry to hear! But I figured something was up when no catalog was released this year – only on-line access. Good Luck to you! Let me know where you end up in your creative journey!

  4. Thankful for your friendship and inspiration all of these years! I don’t know how you juggled it all but your style always made (makes!!) my heart happy!

  5. Looking forward to hearing about and seeing more of your beautiful paper crafts as you continue your creative journey!