clean & simple sunday no. 113

Today I pulled out my Wicked Web stamp set and had a little “spider” fun…


This card was super quick and easy!  I cut two circles and one scalloped circle using my Nestie dies from Spellbinders and also offered in the A Muse Studio catalog.  On the white circle I stamped the web image in Seattle ink. I then stamped the little spider in onyx ink and added some onyx pearl stickers to give some dimension to his body. I centered this on my card front and then added the Happy Halloween sentiment from the Say it in Style stamp set. The final step was to round the bottom corners with my Corner Chomper tool. Crisp, clean and very simple today…  Enjoy and have a lovely Sunday!

If you have a few more minutes to read further…

A Little Spider Story |  I don’t like spiders, and I’m sure more than a few of you can relate, but last September I found an orb weaver spider in an incredible web in the center of my front window, thankfully on the outside, and now I have a whole new appreciation for these amazing little creatures. This spider (which I soon referred to as Charlotte, after Charlotte’s Web, one of my favorite childhood stories) lived in my window for 6 weeks and I had a front row seat for her end of life cycle, as orb weavers generally live only one season. They hatch out of the birth sac in the Spring, with hundreds of brothers and sisters, many who never survive a week, and live just one summer. These spiders spin a fresh, intricate, web every night and since their eye sight is quite poor, rely on the vibrations of the web strands to know when they have caught something to eat. They know exactly where to step on the web, where the strands are not sticky, to avoid getting caught themselves, and they are very patient hunters.


This was my “Charlotte”. I know she looks big and ugly and my first reaction was, “YUCK!”, but the more I watched her, the more she fascinated me, right to the very end…

This particular spider was tough as nails! One Sunday afternoon I watched as she avoided a bird attack, nearly becoming a meal herself, not once, but twice and then carefully ascended to the top of her web just under the window frame to avoid a third attack.  As the summer came to a close, I watched her get weaker and weaker as her webs became smaller and more sloppy, as her life came to a close. She never did create an egg sac with eggs in it before she died, at least I couldn’t find one and probably would have since they typically choose a safe spot near the web for their eggs to winter over. I really enjoyed the experience of checking on her morning and night to see where she was, what she was up to and the masterful creation of her beautiful, intricate webs. There are so many miracles in nature, large and small and I feel grateful for having the opportunity to witness the little miracle of the orb weaver spider.


A Muse Studio Creative Consultant #1340
Glastonbury, CT


  1. Awesome card! Your spider story was fascinating too!

  2. Nanny would have “loved” this set LOL!! Great card!!

  3. Haha….good one Auntie!! 🙂