clean & simple sunday no. 100

This is a special post, for a couple of reasons… first, it’s my 100th Clean & Simple Sunday post! I can hardly believe it, can you?! And second, this post features a background panel created with A|S Splash! ink, by my almost 13 year old son, Caleb (his birthday is tomorrow!!).

Last weekend he was working on a project for his 3D-Art final. He’d been researching “abstract expressionism” for the project, had to do some writing and then create a small, 3D sculpture that incorporated the art style he chose. He loves my art supplies and actually resisted the urge to raid my supplies without asking. We talked about his project and what he wanted to do with paint and I offered up my A|S Splash! instead—he LOVED that idea!!  His little paper sculpture came out great, this will be an easy final exam for him, in a sea of more difficult exams, and he had fun doing it. He also learned some things about “velocity of droplets” and how spray can look different depending on the speed of the spray and how far away you are from your subject. It was fun and I’m really happy he learned something.

After he was finished with his project, he came into my studio where I was working and said, “Mom, I have these left-over pieces, you can use them to make cards!” Music to my ears, because 1) he thought to give them to me for this purpose rather than tossing them out and 2) he is a little Splash! master!!!  It’s shocking how naturally he took to using Splash! and how well he uses it!

Anyway, this brings me to today’s clean and simple Sunday card…

A Muse Studio Enjoy the Ride Splash!

This card, features A|S Splash! spray ink + the A|S stamp set Enjoy the Ride for both the bicycle image and the sentiment. Caleb used watercolor paper for the background panel and applied several different colors of Splash! ink (papaya, lime, cherry & navy), allowing each color to dry (in the sun for a few minutes) before applying the next color. You don’t need to use watercolor paper with this product, it works great on regular card stock, but for his sculpture he wanted to minimize any warping that could occur if the paper got too wet so he opted for the watercolor paper to be on the safe side. He also did not want the colors to mix, he wanted them to layer, so we let the ink dry briefly between coats. Under my advisement he started with the lightest color first and worked to darkest, then applied the GOLD DUST Splash! as a final “wow” for his project—and WOW, it is, although the beautiful shimmer does not translate in my photo. The sparkle on this is gorgeous and if you enjoy adding a spritz of shimmer to your projects you’ll really love the GOLD DUST Splash!, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

So THANK YOU, Caleb!! Out of the pieces he gave me to use, I chose one, cut it into a rectangle that measures about 2.5 x 3″. I stamped my bicycle image in slate ink, as well as the sentiment beneath it. I glued the panel onto a white scrap of card stock to create the mat and popped up the panel with some 3D foam adhesive onto a base card of lichen and left it at that!  I was thinking of adding a few silver sequins, but The Splash! creates such a bold, noisy background for this simple image of the bicycle I didn’t want anything to compete. It reminds me of a miniature work of art on a wall in some cool, NYC art gallery, but then again, that could be just the Mom in me who sees it like that {chuckle}.

You can get A|S Splash! ink in a whole rainbow of fun colors, as well as all of your other stamping supplies right here. Just click SHOP in the upper right corner of that link and you’ll arrive at my secure web store!

Have a wonderful Sunday!





  1. What a great use of “Splash” paint!! Love it, pinned it 🙂