ideas for using spray ink…

A Muse|Studio offers a beautiful rainbow of 15 colors of a spray ink product called Splash! You’ve probably noticed it in the catalog…

DSC_1036 copy

This product is a liquid pigment ink, similar to the ink on our ink pads. It’s permanent on paper and cloth. Because it’s permanent, it took me a while to warm up to it. I am prone to “making a mess” and although sometimes that’s part of the creative process, I hate to ruin my clothes :)…  the solution I found after some training on this product at the National Conference back in February, is to work with Splash! in a contained area!  I have a box in my studio that I use. Just an old box, instead of tossing it in my recycling bin I use it for all of my Splash! projects.  I cut the pieces for my cards and any that I’m planning to spray with Splash! I place in the box on top of a few paper towels.  This process works great!

DSC_1045 copy

These are a few cards I made using Splash!  Lets take a little closer look at each one and I will describe the process for creating each in a bit more detail…

DSC_1044 copy

For this particular card above, I placed a white panel of card stock into my box on top of the paper towels, then placed a star die cut shape exactly where I wanted it on the panel. I took my Lemon Whip Splash! and sprayed directly over the panel and star to give a heavier coating of ink. I carefully lifted out the panel and tipped it so the star die cut fell off, leaving the white star in it’s place.

DSC_1042 copy

For this card above, I cut three white card stock strips at varying thicknesses and placed all three at once in the Splash! box arranging them similar to how they show up on the card (one above the other, almost touching). I held my Poppy Splash! at a 45 degree angle and sprayed off once (to help eliminate blobbing of the ink) then quickly sprayed again making sure to direct my spray toward the panels. This gave the Splash! a more even, speckled texture.

A Muse Studio Splash

For this last card, I took a 3.5×4″ clear block and placed it in my Splash! box. I took Bermuda Splash!, held the bottle about 12″ from the block and sprayed directly on the block. The ink will bead up on the block when you spray it. I carefully removed the block from the Splash! box and stamped it onto my card stock panel to create the speckled background for the  flower image which I then stamped in Memento Black ink directly on top of the Splash! background.

I hope this information today gives you some ideas and encourages you to try this fun stamping medium! I’m happy to entertain any questions you may have, just leave me a note in the comments!


  1. Great ideas, I think I need to case a few, ok maybe all, of these!

  2. oh…love the block idea. That card is wonderful (they all are!). 🙂

  3. What a GREAT time we had at “Splash Class”. Thanks so much for the wonderful cards we made and for the instructions, ideas, and tips. Can’t wait to get my new Splash supplies and start making some new cards.