Please forgive me…

As I mentioned in my last post and probably even before then, for the last 5 or 6 weeks, up until Saturday morning (this past Saturday), I was prepping for my first craft fair. I was literally prepping up until I left to go to the fair to participate. I was stamping one last set of cards for Mother’s Day and I was packaging up 8 more tag sets so I’d have “enough”.  I will get into more details of my craft fair experience in another post this week, I also have a little surprise coming, but I first want to say this—

I am really sorry that my blog has been languishing while I was prepping for the craft fair.  It’s been pretty quiet here. When I decided to join the fair circuit I didn’t plan far enough in advance to include all of the extra work that would be needed in order to maintain my already busy life.

I don’t think for one second that you guys sit staring at your monitors waiting desperately for my next post to appear, but if it’s something you do look forward to—like Clean & Simple Sunday, I hate to think that I’ve even disappointed you a bit with my lack of posting…

I don’t talk about a lot of personal stuff here, but what you might not know about me is that I’m a full-time office-working wife and mother—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I typically work on blog posts on Saturdays which sometimes stretch into Sundays and do some of my creating and photographing in the early AM but mostly on the weekends, so that during the week nights I can take care of my family—-dinner, clean-up, laundry, helping with homework, etc…. As a blogger I can write articles ahead of time and schedule them to post whenever I want them to show up! (…really cool + this totally makes blogging possible for me).

I really love this blog. I love having a place to share this creative part of my life with you and with anyone interested enough to read it. I especially love the new blog template that is CheckerberryLane (if you are a subscriber and you haven’t noticed anything new because these messages come to you in an email, just click on the heading for this post and it will take you right to my *new* blog template so you can keep reading this post and be within the new CheckerberryLane website…).

I made it through my first craft fair—it was completely awesome and I am working on a post in order to share more with you on this—but as thrilling and creatively uplifting as it was, it tossed my normal life–balance completely off kilter —-hence the lack of blog content. Now that everything has settled down a bit and I’m not working every waking moment like one of Santa’s elves, I promise to give you more of what you love on CheckerberryLane.  I have a whole editorial calendar planned out and can’t wait to get started!

So if you’ve been wondering what’s going on and where I’ve been and why my posts aren’t showing up even if I said they would, it’s because the Fair had to come first for a little while.  Thanks to those 12 of you out there who resubscribed to my invitation to my new blog (I know who you are and so appreciate it!) as well as those of you who pop in from time to time. Thanks for sticking with me. I hope that in the coming weeks you’ll be glad you did.  xo – Kris


  1. Diane M says:

    I have been just sitting in my chair for days now waiting for this blog post and to hear how the Fair went! … LOL .. just a little humor! We all have other lives outside of blogging or blog reading so it is TOTALLY understandable. Glad the Fair went well can’t wait to hear the details. Rest up and catch up on your family life!

    • Bahaha! Loved your comment Diane… did you see how I put that in bold, big orange? I know you guys don’t sit around waiting for me to post, but I am also an avid blog READER and I do miss my favorites when they take a break from posting so I didn’t want anyone to think I’ve given up or moved on to some new interest. I’m still here, I was just super busy for a few weeks… thank you for making me laugh right out loud :).

  2. You are such a Sweet Pea!!! I feel so lucky to have been privy to all the wonderful products in your display and feel like I got the blogs on steroids!!!! So many gorgeous cards, and note pads, and bookmarks, and gift tags and all so beautifully presented and packaged. Delicious treats!! Wish everyone could have been there!! XXOO