prepping for the fair…

It’s hard to believe that the craft fair I’ve been working toward is only 2 days away! I’ve worked so hard that the last 6 weeks or so have been a big, creative blur! I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my life except for the week before my wedding and then the week my son was born {and this fair prep has been a lot less sleep deprived!}…this whole experience definitely rates…

I’ve learned a lot, both creatively and from a business stand-point. I’ve also learned about what it takes to prep for a craft fair and I’m going to be sharing some of that with you guys, in case you’re interested, next week.

I truly believe that part of having a successful Etsy shop means growing a local following and some local brand recognition, so the act of participating in a craft fair, for me, was always just a matter of time. I’m honestly hoping to do at least 4 this year, possibly 5. I have most of them in my sights so it’s just about sending in the applications at this point.

I spent some serious time on this effort {& money} to get up and running for this particular fair I’m participating in this Saturday. The act of creating all of the products that I will be offering has been most gratifying… there are times where I’ve been down-right giddy!  The business end has been surprisingly fun as well… The re-branding of my “shop” and carrying that brand throughout has been interesting to me and I’m excited to see how I do from a financial standpoint.

I know from all of the research I’ve done that putting some attention on your display and booth arrangement can really enhance sales so I’ve spent some time on that part of my preparations…  Here is a little “sneak peek” from a portion of the mock set up in my living room, what do you think?





  These photos basically show my main table arrangement.  I do have more of everything in an additional box that I’ll keep under the table until I need to re-stock (if I do need to). I have flat note card sets in boxes in the open suit case to the left, I have pad & pen sets in the wire and grass baskets front and  center, I have pretty, Spring tag sets on the tray in front of the tulips and then to the right, I have pretty, decorated clips in the glass bowl as well as felt, posie bookmarks in four different colors on the tiered tray (far right). There is a “left wing” to my display that is set up across the living room because I can’t fit it where it belongs, but that houses some little post-it note clip boards, a box of one-off handmade cards arranged by category and then my beautiful card spinner, full of cards!!


As a cardmaker, I feel like this was such a great investment for my booth. Each of the cards shown represents 6 of the same card for that slot, just like in a card store!  I placed them in cello bags with an envelope and then printed out the inside sentiment on regular paper and slipped it into the back so the customer can see what it says on the inside without actually opening it, they just flip it over to see…

I still need to print out little signs showing the prices of my items and I have a few other small things to finish up, but on the whole I feel like I’m in good shape for Saturday.

I will be back on Sunday with a Clean & Simple design for you and then I’ll be sharing details from the outcome of the fair on Monday, so stay tuned!!



  1. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Can’t wait to see you there on Saturday!

  2. Shannon says:

    Kris, your display is beautiful! I can’t wait to see it and YOU on Saturday!!!