a few words on color…

Some of you have wondered what will happen to the colors introduced just last year in the A Muse|Studio Venetian Color Palette… well I’m here to tell you that these colors are here to stay, in fact, A Muse|Studio has changed the names of these colors and incorporated them into their gorgeous seasonal color palette for the 2013 Catalog/Idea Book being released on March 1st. They have also added THREE NEW COLORS, bringing the total to 54 Signature Colors!

The {former} Venetian palette contained, Burano, Lido, Bellini, Rialto and Titian. Very Italian-sounding names to go with their home in the Venetian Color Palette. Now that they have been incorporated into the regular signature seasonal color line they have been renamed …

Burano = Poppy

Lido = Saffron

Bellini = Melon

Rialto = Moss

Titian = Mushroom

Same beautiful colors…only the names have changed.

The three *NEW* Colors being added are hues that fill a gap in the A|S color spectrum,; a gap that needed to be filled. The new colors are:

MERMAID:  A beautiful greenish-blue…

APPLE:  brighter, lighter and a bit warmer than cherry…

BERRY: A gorgeous, bright raspberry color

The A|S signature colors are more beautiful than ever with the incorporation and addition of these wonderful colors.


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