a word on sympathy cards…

Normally, a sympathy card would not be my first choice (or even second!) as a theme for a card example here at CheckerberryLane (since the whole point of this blog is to bring a little happiness to your life, not make you think of something sad), but today I’d like to share one…


My family recently lost a couple of precious relatives and by recent I mean already this year, 17 days apart. They were both older and not in the best health but we loved them both dearly and feel extremely grateful that they had long, happy lives and also grateful for the many photos and special memories we have of them.

During this month, we received several Sympathy cards from both friends and co-workers. They were beautiful cards, all had tender, heart-felt messages either pre-printed or hand-written. In receiving these cards (one or two each day for about a week each time) we marveled at how many people took the time (out of their own busy lives) to send a message of condolence; to let us know they cared about us and were keeping us in their prayers during this difficult time.

In this fast-paced world of high-tech where people tweet!, update their status on FB, or send a text through their iPhones and the only thing most people ever get in their real mailboxes are bills or junk mail, to receive a special card in the mail turned out to be genuinely comforting. Knowing that someone took the time to pause their own life, go to the store and pick out a card, think of something to write in it and to make sure it got in the mail… to me, that is a kind & very generous act. There is loving intention in that gesture.

If you are fortunate enough to not have experienced a recent or close-relative loss, you might not realize how much comfort sympathy cards bring to the bereaved. I had honestly forgotten myself, until this month. Having been on the receiving end of these cards I realized that sometimes the seemingly small act of sending a card can have a big impact.

I love to make cards. I make cards several times a week if not every day! (And you probably do too, which is why you read this blog!) This experience of loss and of receiving sympathy cards got me thinking about why I make cards (for my own personal, creative expression) and why I send cards and I send cards to make people happy.

I can’t think of a more important time to send a card to someone than when they have lost someone they love.

So in response to my recent experience, I’ve put together a batch of handmade Sympathy cards. I want to be ready for when a hug and a prayer is needed and I can pay forward the comfort that has come to my mailbox and heart through sympathy cards over the last few weeks.


  1. What a beautiful, soulful post honey, and card to match. I too share your loss, and have received so many wonderful smypathy cards that touched my heart, helped me in during my grieving process, and let me know I had countless friends who held me, and my family, in their thoughts and prayers. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all those who took the time to let me know they care through the thoughtful cards they sent. Thanks for letting everyone know how important it is to send cards to those who have lost someone they loved. XXOO Auntie

    • Thank you, Auntie… I don’t normally do “editorial” type posts but the sympathy cards I received were really special and I see you felt the same way when you received them…I’m sure we are not alone. Thank you for your sweet comment to my post. xo