move more eat well – 2013

I read several blogs quite regularly and one of the blogs that I follow and really enjoy is that of Cathy Zielske. This woman has such a great spirit! She’s not only a talented graphic designer, and someone who’s clean, simple scrapbook style I truly admire, but she’s a great teacher as well.

Cathy teaches classes & workshops through BigPicture Classes online. One of the workshops I’m going to take in 2013 is called Move More Eat Well 2.0. Cathy has been teaching this workshop for a couple of years and this year I’m joining the adventure to start moving more and to continue eating well in 2013 {you may have noticed the new button in the right margin of my blog!}.


Cathy’s workshop will provide the opportunity to document the journey of moving more and eating well this coming year. She offers monthly journaling prompts to keep you thinking and writing about your journey and ideas for photos to help document the experience. This workshop will also provide support in the process through the online forum in the classroom.

I’m really excited to start this on January 1st. You can check out her blog or head over to BigPicture Classes to learn more about this workshop and to sign up!  It’s 12 months of support and inspiration to document the journey of moving more and eating well in 2013 and it only costs 36 bucks… money well spent, if you ask me. She also has a little video about the workshop on her blog as well as a great article sharing her opinion on resolutions.

I’m going to be adding a tab to my blog labeled “MMEW2.0” where I will post my journal & photo work on this project so you can follow along with me. I’d love you to join me on this experience if you are so inclined and encourage you to sign up with Cathy!

Whatever your personal goals for the new year—Wishing you every success!


  1. Looks like a great blog!! So inspirational!! I too have a health goal for the new year and am so looking forward to beginning….my head is already there!!! Thanks for a year of wonderful creations and inspirational blogging Sweet Pea. I love you!! XXXOOO