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Today I wanted to share a little craft project I made using A Muse|Studio Snowflake Trio die set, the cherry & white baker’s twine and some shimmer card stock plus some sparkle and pearl stickers {all from A Muse|Studio!}


A snowflake garland for my little 4-ft Christmas tree!

This year, we decided not to get a regular, live Christmas tree {its a long story, but suffice it to say that I’m not only now used  to the idea, I’m actually thrilled about it} and instead, use this little tree we’ve had in the basement, in a box for the last 5 years.

This tree is not nearly big enough to fit all of the ornaments I’ve collected the last 17 years so I decided that we’d take a little brake from those {since we’re breaking the ALIVE tree tradition anyway!} and go with a SNOWFLAKE theme to the overall concept of the tree. I chose this theme for three reasons, well actually 4 reasons but I’ll share three of them for now…

1) I love snowflakes. I don’t love mounds and mounds of deep snow but I DO love when it snows a few times each winter here in New England.  Because I love snowflakes I actually have a dozen or so snowflake ornaments, too — perfect for a 4 ft. tree!

2) Because the tree is fake, it won’t drop “needles” so theoretically, I could keep it up ALL WINTER!!!  … and that’s my plan!  I love having a tree up— the prettiness of it, the twinkly lights, the reminder of Christmas and that spirit. This year I want to enjoy it a little longer and the winter/snowflake theme of the tree will make that seem less ridiculous to have a tree up past the normal holiday season. All other holiday decorations will be put away after Christmas but the tree will stay up at least through February…

3) The white, silver and gold snowflakes won’t compete with my normal decor. My living room is pale yellow, grey and white in overall color, so those snowflakes and the whole tree look great in the room and will even after all of the other holiday decor is put away!

So back to the Snowflake Garland project…

I decorated the tree with my snowflake ornaments, added a few clear ball ornaments that I picked up at the craft store and then added some cream-colored ribbon bows that were part of the garland decorations at our wedding {these have gone on our tree every year… I love them and the reminder of that special day}. The tree looked nice, especially once I turned on the little white twinkle lights, but I still felt like it needed more snowflakes so I decided to make a snowflake garland… turns out it was the finishing touch the tree needed and now I am delighted with how it looks, not only when the lights are ON but when they are OFF as well.


To create this garland, I took cherry & white baker’s twine and cut 3 pieces of it about 3.5′ long (since the tree is 4′ high). I then used my Sizzix die cutting machine and the Snowflake Trio dies to cut out 16 snowflakes in the Vanilla Shimmer card stock; 4 Large, 4 Medium and 8 Small. I did this for each of the three pieces of cherry & white baker’s twine to create 3 separate garlands for a total of 12 Large Snowflakes, 12 Medium and 24 Small. {keep in mind this is for a 4-foot tree, if you have a normal 6-foot tree or more you’ll want to make these garlands longer and add more snowflakes for fullness}

Once all the snowflakes were cut out, I used glue dots to glue the pairs together and offset them a little bit to make the snowflakes look more full, sandwiching the cherry & white baker’s twine in between. I placed them about 3 to 4 inches apart, but mixed up the order a bit so I had a small one, then a Large, then a small, then a medium, etc all the way down the 3.5-foot piece of twine.

Once the snowflakes were glued together in pairs onto the twine, I added small embellishments to make them sparkle & shine… pearl stickers and sparkle stickers in vanilla and clear, respectively. I stuck one on the center of each side of the snowflakes so it wouldn’t matter which side was showing once the garland was placed.

To place the garlands on the tree I decided not to wrap them around the tree, but to clip them to the top of the tree with tiny clothes pins. I clipped them at the top, just behind the star and let them drape down, one front & center and one on each side of the tree.

I love my little tree this year… it has such a sweet, pretty, wintery sparkle about it! I put together some “printer friendly” directions for making this garland that you can find HERE.  Have fun making one, or two or three for your Christmas tree this year!  They also look cute draped along a bannister or in front of a window/slider!

Kristine Vicente
A Muse|Studio Creative Consultant #1340


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!

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    Oh honey, I LOVE the tree and the garlands…..and is that a new and beautiful hairdo you are sporting as well? GORGEOUS!!!!! XXOO