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I have had some inquiries re: my in-home stamp studio… the place where I create! People ask me about my stamping room more than you’d probably imagine. I don’t normally show people this room when I give them the 25 cent tour of the house, mostly because it’s usually in a state of “creation”, I like to call it. I’m normally very neat through the rest of the house [and at my desk at work] and though I also strive to be organized (and I am for the most part), when I’m in a creative state of mind all the neatness and organization I can normally manage goes right out the window. In fact, at times my studio is such a complete wreck that I would make a great contender for that hoarding show on TLC… “buried alive”.  I wish I was kidding…


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This was the state of my studio on Saturday morning when I got up. I’ve been in “santa’s workshop mode” for the last two weeks. I’ve made 40 Christmas cards, 6 gift card holders, 13 small handmade gifts, 37 cards for Operation Write Home, 12 felt poinsettia pins for my Etsy Shop, I’ve crocheted 2 scarves and I’m working on an afghan now plus I’m all caught up on Project Life. When I got up on Saturday, I realized that if I was going to get anything creative accomplished this weekend then cleaning my studio was a MUST.  I spent about 6 hours working on putting things away, tossing, sorting, filing and re-working a bit and now my studio looks like this:


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Ahh… much, much better — I can actually see the floor and the counter tops now! This is where I blog, and put in A|S orders, check email and download pictures onto my laptop…


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This counter area is where I print out my photos, print my journaling cards and work on Project Life.


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This is where I stamp. On the left of the photo, under the corner of that bulletin/white board that’s showing is a little radio behind my scrap basket that is always on when I’m in this room. I love to listen to music while I work. This area has under cabinet lighting and also a small desk lamp.

I normally clean up my studio when I’m going through a creative slump because it will often spark some creativity… This time I cleaned it because it was such a disaster I had no where to even work and lots more stuff to make!!

My studio is meant to be a downstairs bedroom, about 12 x 14 feet. To create this space I bought part of an IKEA kitchen and my husband and my aunt helped me put all of the cabinets together and then my husband and I installed it and put the hardware on. We are NOT handy people, but IKEA makes everything as simple as possible (practically even a cave man can do it!).

The section of base cabinets in the second photo were purchased/installed about 2 years after the first wall of cabinets in the bottom photo. {They don’t make that black-speckled counter top anymore so I went with the butcher block formica…I was disappointed but it turned out OK}. Should we eventually sell our house and move, I will take the cabinets with me and turn this room back into a spare bedroom before we put it on the market. This really is my favorite room in the house and I love spending time in here…no matter what condition it’s in, but especially when its all neat and organized.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of Checkerberry Lane Studio…questions? Comments?


  1. awesome! I work in a state of chaos too and right now am trying to put it back together but it’s fighting me. mostly I’m not sure where to put a couple of things so I can find them again. lol! I joke about being on crafting hoarders too. Great minds… 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank-you for sharing your space with everyone. I really appreciate your view of your workspace in “real life.” As mine looks more like that most of the time. I realize from looking at other people’s spaces that one of the things I find so attractive about theirs is there’s actually open space to work on!! But something always kind of knaws at me, too and I think it’s that it feels unreal without the “in-progress” clutter.

    • Thanks Jackie! I only shared because I was in clean-up mode… my studio rarely stays as nice as the subsequent photos, but I think that it’s part of the creative side of the brain…been all neat about it doesn’t work for most people (although I’m sure there are some folks like this out there). Most creatives go with it and worry about the mess later… that’s us! 🙂

  3. says:

    WOW!!!! Great job….must have felt wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Kristen,
    Thnaks for sharing your workspace!! Such a treat! When I am in work mode my room is a disaster too, but I always put everything away before I start another project. I loose my MoJO in yesterdays clutter!
    ps for a workspace tour go here : it is a weekly blog hope of crafting spaces, lots of fun!!