clean & simple sunday no. 58

I love that we have a holiday in this country for the sole purpose of giving thanks. I love that this holiday falls in November along with the birthdays of 6 women in my life who mean a great deal to me, who I am extremely grateful for and love to celebrate…

November is truly one of my favorite months of the year. I love Thanksgiving and the way it launches the holiday season when my heart is already so full of gratitude.

This card is so sweet and simple. Just a couple of oak leaves from the Autumn Leaves stamp set from A|S. I stamped them in french roast ink and tied a bit of french roast twill in a knot, trimming the ends and gluing it to the stems of the leaf with a glue dot. I mounted this panel on a squash-colored base card.  That’s it…

I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. I also wish you moments throughout the next 40 days of crazy holiday frenzy when you can feel the fullness of your heart and you can take a few breaths and really enjoy the traditions and festivities that make up your holiday season. I’m going to try to do that myself, try to find some peace and beauty in every day and really enjoy this special time of year.

Looking forward to sharing some fun decorating, gift-giving and paper-crafting ideas with you to make your holidays a little bit more handmade. ~ Kris


  1. Beautiful card and even more beautiful is the message in today’s blog. You are an amazing human being and I love you!!!

  2. “Simply” beautiful in design, color and sentiment. There’s no one like you Sweet Pea, we are so lucky to have you in our family!! Love and big hugs XXXOOO