project life…my week 14

The summer months are flying by and the only thing that makes them go even faster for our family is football season! Our son, Caleb, has been playing football since he was 8 years old in the town program which is part of the Connecticut Youth Football League. He is now 11 and this is his 4th season. The teams are determined by age & weight. Caleb has always been off the doctor charts for growth in both height and weight. He has literally been in the 99th percentile or higher his whole life. This makes football in a youth program a bit of a challenge for him—he has never started a season meeting the weight requirements, he’s always over. This means extra reps, extra running, extra conditioning, lots of extra weigh-ins and this season it also means a low-carb diet. He’s doing really well with it and what I should have mentioned up front is that CALEB LOVES FOOTBALL. He’s pretty good at it, too. So there is LOTS of motivation to get him to the proper weight so he can play this season… he has about 3 more full weeks to drop about 10 pounds.  I think he can do it. I’ve seen him do it before and between his coaches, his own motivation, help from his grandparents and our support at home I do think we can get him there.

That said, this week I focused my layouts for Project Life on his football practices. They take up a lot of our life during the month of August (which is why it seems to fly by double-time). They practice from 5:30-8 every night, M thru F for the entire month. It’s a huge commitment on everyone’s part, but so worth the effort.

If you click on my photos you’ll see that I’m still using sticky notes to indicate the dates for each week… Becky Higgins had her Clementine Core Kit back in stock at the end of July, but it honestly sold out in like 5 hours and I missed the window! (I was SO DISAPPOINTED) She has more kits coming in early September so I really have my fingers crossed that I don’t miss out on one this time.

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Caleb wandered into my studio while I was working on this week’s layout on Friday night and he noticed that a few of the photos had some blur, in fact one (the top right) was VERY blurry and he asked me why I was using the blurry ones. I explained that I wanted to show motion, to show how much they move around and shove each other, that its not all about the crystal clear huddle shots.

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I found a couple of new templates for this week’s journaling, both from Designer Digitals and both designed by Cathy Zielske (if you scrapbook, you may remember her beautiful page designs from Simple Scrapbooks magazine many years ago.) She’s a great designer and has some very nice digital templates for this project. On the left side page, I used her jounaling block titled “we are so proud of you” to describe the challenges Caleb faced this week. I also used her LIST template to list out “things we are working on this week” and listed them all about Caleb. In this photo just above, I also used a journaling card as a base for typing out a football quote by Vince Lombardi. I thought it was especially appropriate for this particular time in Caleb’s football experience. I stapled a little photo of the football on there, too.

This was a fun week to put together. Some weeks come together so beautifully and some not so much… just like real life.
I know that’s why I love this project. I feel like I’m capturing so many real moments that make up our life.  Thanks for taking a look!  If you ever have questions you can always leave them in the comments or email me privately at


  1. I think YOU are amazing. 🙂

  2. Your project life is wonderful and with Caleb all over the pages it makes it doubly wondderful! He is such a great kid and we love him so much….can’t believe the summer is almost over and our cherished Thurs. & Fris. with him coming to an end. So happy to have football every weekend to go cheer him on. You will have all the memories preserved in this wonderful journal. You never cease to WOW me honey!! XXOO