more great news…

Wow! More great news from A Muse|Studio!!  Couldn’t wait to share this with you…


A wonderful RIBBON SALE!  All 5/8″ satin ribbons in our exclusive colors are on sale this month–20% off! Now you can get ribbons to coordinate with the Spotlight sale products at a great discount!  Time to stock up these or ANY of your favorite colors if you love our 5/8″ satin!!


Now its even MORE AFFORDABLE to start your very own A Muse|Studio business–A limited time offer
of $79 (+$15 shipping) for the beautiful starter kit, just for the month of June!

Throw a “business kick off party” by inviting all of your friends, family, neighbors, and close co-workers, as a way to introduce A Muse|Studio products to them. Display the kit, talk about the products, have a little make & take so they can try the products (of course they would have a ball!) and let them know that their support would help you get your business off the ground!

I can {and would love to} help you do this!

Please contact me if you have questions or interest in starting your own A|S business—

I would be very happy to answer your questions about the company, the business opportunity and my personal experience as an independent consultant…

Give it some thought if you’re interested and enjoy your weekend!