take twelve in 2012

So, in addition to my love of rubber stamping, I am an avid scrapbook enthusiast. You would never know this by the amount of time I actually spend scrapbooking, which over the last few years has amounted to 2-3 weekend scrapbook retreats a year (and that’s it!), but I LOVE to scrapbook. I love to preserve moments in time with the click of my shutter, I love to re-live those moments again and again in the resulting pictures and I love to document the story behind the photos.  I was born to scrapbook; its in my genes—my Mom did some scrapbooking in her late teens and early twenties, then stopped to raise her family, only to rediscover it again when I picked it up as a newlywed. She and I have had some wonderful times enjoying this hobby together; memories and fun for which I am truly grateful. My Dad, though he doesn’t scrapbook, is an avid shutterbug, so it appears that scrapbooking is sort of my destiny.  I’m very proud of my scrapbooks–even some of those pathetic first pages–(some of you out there know what I’m talking about!!) and I hope that my son, now 10, will really come to cherish them too, as he gets older.

The reason I am gushing about this topic tonight, is that I just purchased the “Take Twelve in 2012 kit” from Ella Publishing, and I’m very excited! It’s a guided photo challenge to take 12 photos the 12th day of each month in 2012 so at the end of the year you end up with 144 photos that give a genuine snapshot of your everyday life (very similar to the Becky Higgins, PROJECT LIFE that I’ve mentioned previously here on my blog). I’m challenging myself to complete this project and wanted to share the concept with my readers in case this interests you and you’d like to challenge yourself as well.  ANYONE can do this. All you need is a camera–even a phone camera would work!  The “kit” gives you all the prompts you need to take great photos that tell your personal story. Even if you think your story is so boring its not even worth telling, trust me—it IS.  You won’t believe it until you actually try it, but I promise you’ll enjoy the end result. So come along for the ride–its not too late to start it on January 12th with me!!


  1. Helen Moard says:

    I love this idea! Bu t you’ll have to remind me as I have a tendency to forget things in the daily crazyness of my life. Hum, that comment alone suggests I shouldn’t do it, as looking back I might be inclined to shoot myself!! But taking 12 pics of things that are or occur on that day should be a snap. I’m going to try it and see how I do. . . . . .

  2. I’m going to try and do this too Sweet Pea…great idea….and tomorrow’s the first shoot!!

  3. Oops….Thursday’s the first shoot!!! I’ll get it straight!!