clean & simple sunday #22

Hello Friends!  Welcome to the New Year!

May yours be filled with big laughs,

lots of good people

and plenty of hugs…

Its so nice to be getting back into a regular routine with hope for the new year…hope to get the basement cleaned, hope to get exercising and hope to finish all the projects I’ve started…. {smile}

And now, on to the clean & simple design for this Sunday’s post… Its been a few weeks since we’ve had a C&SS post—the holidays get so crazy here on Checkerberry Lane and I know I’m not alone …I love having a new, simple, clean design to share with you this week!

click on image to enlarge

This card, like so many before it, is SO sweet and simple. I used all A|S supplies including sky and sugar card stock, the medium snowflake die, gingham card stock in sky, sugar polka dot organdy and a little twinkle embellishment. This is another strip-style design where I just cut a strip of gingham paper for the bottom and then layered the sentiment strip on top of it and wrapped an organdy ribbon between the two layers to give it a little texture all while maintaining the soft blue and white color-scheme. I used my computer and Microsoft Word to generate the sentiment strip.  I think “Happy Birthday” for a friend with a special day in January or February would look just as adorable on this card.  Have fun with this one and enjoy the first day of the new year!


  1. What a classic and beautiful card, Kris!!

  2. Masterful as usual Kris……LOVE IT!!