one sketch…three ways!

Sometimes I see a handmade card design and I get very inspired.  I was looking through an old issue of PaperCrafts magazine and saw a card that I sketched out because the simplicity of the layout caught my eye. I’ve recreated it here to share with you…

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I then went on to create three completely different cards using this design concept.  This first card features an A|S shirt and tie image colored in with Copic markers. This panel is attached to the sentiment panel and mounted to the base card, using a few brads to embellish the layout.

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In this next card, I created a subtle variation by using a strip of A|S flower ribbon in place of the horizontal strip of card stock. Same concept as the sketch but I substituted materials…

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In this last example, I stamped the botanical image directly onto the base card and then placed the ribbon strips (as the horizontal piece) OVER the stamped image, bringing the horizontal element of the design to the front, as opposed to the back like it was in the prior examples. Just a little difference that gives an interesting look.

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So now its YOUR turn—-dig into your stash and TRY COMING UP WITH A CARD USING THE SKETCH FROM THIS POST!!  Feel free to email me at, with a photo of your creation—-I’d love a peek at what you’re working on! Who knows—-I may even publish a few here on my blog!!  Then, next time you’re flipping through your favorite card idea magazine or surfing for card ideas, sketch out a few favorites to have handy when stampers-block hits! You may be surprised at how fun and easy it is to come up with a card when you have a simple design concept in front of you!

Have a “stampingly” splendid day!


  1. Wow what great ideas, you can even rotate it left and the design works beautifully too!! Thanks Kris. XXOO

  2. Lovely cards, I really like how you showed it three different ways too!!