my creative space.

I cleaned up my creative space this week —and I took a few photos to share (because it doesn’t often look like this)… we have a spare bedroom in our home and we use it as an office/stamp studio. This space is RARELY picked up. I go from one project to the next and don’t usually “tidy up” until I can’t see my work surface—this characteristic definitely shows my creative side. I think everyone’s space is different because we each need to find what works for us individually. I also think its fun to see where people create so I wanted to share my space with you.

My Creative Space...

This is my favorite room in the house.  I love spending time in here–rain or shine, day or night.  I sincerely treasure these creative tools, this wonderful space and the time I have to use them.

What I keep handy & in front of me when I work...


  1. Kristine Celio says:

    Hi Kris,
    Your creative space looks so warm, welcoming and inspiring. I find it hard to keep my workshop organized as I seem to always be making my cards “on the fly”. You have inspired me to re-organize my space to have all my most frequently used tools readily available and easy to use. This way I can spend more time creating and less time hunting for my supplies. Thanks!